Care of Silk

Our silk is 100% silk charmeuse printed digitally in North Carolina. If well cared for, your silk apparel will last for years. Store silk fabric away from direct sunlight. Roll your garment instead of folding to avoid creasing. Take care not to spray perfume directly on your garments. Substances containing alcohol will damage silk fabric. So let your perfume and hairspray dry before dressing. Garments may be dry cleaned (preferably using a "green" dry cleaner when possible) or hand washed. Always hand wash gently using hand soap or shampoo. Use tepid or cool water. Do not rub the fibers or wring the garment. Soaking silk for any more than a few minutes should be avoided.

If you get a stain on the silk, as soon as possible get the silk wet - the entire piece not just the spot or it might leave a ring - then apply some dishwashing detergent such as Dawn that has a grease removing agent. Don't rub the stain, just let it soak in the detergent a few minutes and the spot should disappear. If it doesn't, then gently rub the spot. Take extra care if the silk is white or pale plain color.

Lay flat to dry. Silk loves steam . If necessary, press the silk garment inside out while damp using cool iron setting (“Silk” setting on the iron) Do not wet locally as this may cause rings. Too much heat can dull, pucker, or burn silk fabric

Most wrinkles in silk can be removed by hanging the garment in the bathroom during a shower. Let humidity do the ironing for you!


Pack your silk garments as you would any other clothing. Simply hang the garment after unpacking. Minor wrinkles should disappear overnight. Better yet, hang your garment in the bathroom during a shower. The humidity will remove the wrinkles for you.